2 Months

The part that’s about Maeve

Today Maeve is 10 weeks old and she had her 2 month appointment with Dr Maxouris yesterday.


On the way to the doctors I walked through some crispy autumn leaves and said to Maeve “next year, you are going to have so much fun toddling through these leaves” and then realized that this time next year ***she’ll be toddling***!! Yikes!

Maeve is making excellent progress. She is now 10lb 9oz and 21 and3/8” long.

This appointment she got some shots (her 2nd Hep B, DTaP, Hib, PCV, Rotavirus and Polio). She got 3 shots and an oral. She was kind of fussy beforehand so Dr suggested I feed her to calm her down while she explained what was going to happen, then the nurse came in and we set her down on the bed, Lewis held her head gently in place while the nurse gave her some baby Tylenol. Maeve seemed confused by this, I think it was the taste, all she’s ever had is breast milk and 2 bottles of formula. Then she got the oral vaccination which she wanted to let dribble out of her mouth, and 3 shots in the thigh covered up with cute snoopy band-aids. She was not a happy camper and Lewis was finding it really tough. When she was done I calmed her down with another cuddle and feed (am I conditioning her to comfort eat so young?! Is this how we all get conditioned to seek comfort in food?!), got her settled back in her car seat and made our next appointment: the 4 month appointment! Crikey, she’ll be just shy of 18weeks by then.

We have been trying out the ‘E.A.S.Y’ (http://noobmommy.com/2008/12/easy-routine-from-baby-whisperer.html) routine and so far so good, even working around my dentist appointment and the doctor’s appointment and various weekend activities. Dr says that we chose a good time to start trying to set a routine, because doing it now will only take 7-10days to get settled, whereas if we’d left it another month it could take 6weeks!

I went shopping after the appointment to buy her a hoodie/cardigan and some pants because her cooler weather wardrobe is still rather limited (a lot of what we have will be great in a couple of months when she’s put on a few more pounds, but the weather has been so changeable lately it caught us by surprise). Knowing her new measurements I ended up looking at 3month clothing that said it fit her weight and length, but in reality it swamps her. Plus I’ve been putting her in newborn diapers that claim they fit up to 10lbs and she is past that but size 1 (up to 14lbs) are gigantic on her, she just has a teeny butt. It totally depends on the brand of clothing what age she’s wearing. I guess all babies hit different points on the growth curve at different times and every parent has trouble finding clothes that fit perfectly.

The weather was so beautiful yesterday that we walked everywhere. We walked to the doctors then up to Target, and then through the park on the way home (6.9miles by the time we got home). I gave her some more baby Tylenol when we got home and we spent most of the evening cuddling and having quiet time. She did seem more snuggly than usual and a little whimpery but generally I think she seemed fine, certainly not the scream-fest I expected to be dealing with. Also, thank goodness it will all be over by noon on Thursday anyway.

The part that’s about me

*I’m considering joining a local exercise class with Maeve. There are various ‘stroller exercise’ groups around Chicago where new mums meet up and go for a walk and potentially do some other exercises in the park. I already do a lot of walking with Maeve, and I’m doing well on losing the weight I had gained during pregnancy but it would be nice to meet some new people. I love the friends I already have obviously, but at the same time I get lonely during the regular work week and it would be nice to know someone to meet for lunch or something.
*Since the six week follow up appointment I have been getting better about my water consumption again (I have one or 2 bad days a week, but in general I’m keeping hydrated!) and I’ve been eating a few prunes every day to help with post partum constipation (yay :/).
*My mum and I have got a standing skype date every Monday morning. The plan is that if we chat every week we don’t have to chat for 2+hrs each time, but we’ll see how that pans out in reality 😛
*On Monday I started back with my regular Mates Date Night. Lewis has been working long days since last week and working on stuff after work, so I really appreciated him looking after Maeve for the evening even though I know he was tired.
*My project list that keeps me busy each day (aside from chores and appointments) is wedding prep for V & S, Halloween costumes for me and Maeve, a Thanksgiving outfit for Maeve (although i bet she grows out of it before the big day :P) and Christmas gifts. I also spend a few minutes each day checking RedFin for houses… ugh, just realized I have to get to the DMV (or whatever Illinois calls it) to update my state ID before voting day. blah.

*The hubster and I are slowly getting back into the swing of things in the sack. This might be TMI but what the hell, we waited until the 6 week post partum visit to get the all clear from the doctor and even then we’re taking it easy because it’s slightly uncomfortable. But I feel more like a wife again and not just a mother/ roommate /sleep deprived zombie 😉

Generally I feel much more settled in my role as a mum these days. I still have rough days and bad nights and moments of ‘how do i do this?!’ but I’m shaking off the fear of everything I had during the first few weeks.

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